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Asset Security

Security of Digital Assets

Security of clients’ assets is paramount at Nickel. The investment manager deployed independent institutional-grade custody solution, whereby manager has no transfer right over the funds, control over which is retained jointly by the Fund Administrator and Custodian at all times.

Custodians and Prime Brokerage

In order to create highly secure custody solution, we have partnered with the two leading custodians in the industry, US-based Fidelity and UK-based Copper. This sophisticated solution includes an air-gapped, multi-signature cross-organisation custody model with automated and secure exchange-to-custody transfers.

Copper Technologies, as award winning London-based custodian and prime brokerage house, is providing critical infrastructure for secure trading at multiple exchanges, off exchange settlements and secure vault storage of digital assets. Copper can securely custody over 100 various digital assets. More at
Fidelity Digital Assets, the major US asset management house, was chosen as a cold storage custody provider for Digital Gold Institutional Fund, bringing its reputation and financial resources to provide trusted secure custody. More at