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Invest with Nickel

Invest directly in Nickel’s Investment Funds

Nickel’s platform is open for professional investors with a minimum investment amount of $1 million. This minimum restriction applicable to both Market-Neutral Arbitrage and Digital Gold funds.

When requesting fund information, Prospective Investors will be kindly asked to confirm their sufficient knowledge and capacity to assess, as well as carry, investment risks associated with crypto space.

We also require a self-certification that your investment with us would not exceed 10% of your AUM or Total Net Worth. As a good practice, Nickel would recommend allocation to digital assets to be kept within 1% to 3% of your investment portfolio to ensure you are able to maintain sound financial position at the times of market volatility.

Fund documentation can be requested on reverse solicitation basis by signing an online Reverse Solicitation Request. Please kindly complete the below form to initiate the dialogue with team of Nickel Digital.

Work with your Financial Advisor

For investors looking to allocate less than $1 million, we recommend discussing the opportunity with your financial advisors, which should be able to advise on various options on how to access digital asset market. You may also ask your advisor to get in touch with us, using contact information below.

We will be glad to commit time to help you explore how allocation to this new asset class can support your investment objectives, while maintaining a prudent level of risk exposure, as well as to discuss investment opportunities with Nickel.


Telephone: +44 20 7170 1733