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We aim to help investors navigate through the digital assets space. Here is a list of important articles and posts about crypto assets in chronological order.

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System — the original Bitcoin whitepaper published pseudonymously by Satoshi Nakamoto. It's succinct and surprisingly accessible to a nonexpert.
Bitcoin — by Fred Wilson
Coinbase — by Chris Dixon

Why I'm interested in Bitcoin — by Chris Dixon
Why Bitcoin Matters — by Marc Andreessen

The Bitcoin Model for Crowdfunding — by Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan
Ethereum is the Forefront of Digital Currency — by Fred Ehrsam

Fat Protocols — by Joel Monegro
Value of the Token Model — by Fred Ehrsam

A beginner's guide to Ethereum — by Linda Xie

The Meaning of Decentralization — by Vitalik Buterin

Thoughts on Tokens — by Balaji Srinivasan and Naval Ravikant

Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network Design — by Chris Dixon

Analyzing Token Sale Models — by Vitalik Buterin

Cryptocurrency's Netscape Moment — by Elad Gil

Permissionless — by Alok Vasudev

The Slow Death of the Firm — by Nick Tomaino

Big Banks And Blockchain — by Elad Gil

An (Institutional) Investor's Take on Cryptoassets — by John Pfeffer, ex-KKR Partner
Yes, You May Need a Blockchain — by Balaji Srinivasan

The future of decentralized finance — by Linda Xie

Why Bitcoin Matters — by Aleksandar Svetski

The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin — by Wences Casares

Global Cryptoasset Regulatory Landscape Study — by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
CFA Institute Research Foundation Cryptoassets Brief — by Matt Hougan & David Lawant

The Inconvenient Truth About Cryptocurrencies — by Raoul Pal

What I Think of Bitcoin — by Ray Dalio

On Bitcoin Energy Consumption — by Galaxy Digital Mining

The Case for Cryptocurrency As an Investable Asset Class in a Diversified Portfolio — by Morgan Stanley

3rd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study — by University of Cambridge

Crypto: a new asset class? — by Goldman Sachs


Crypto Fundraising Report — by Dove Metrics

Decentralized Finance — by Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

DeFi Report — by Consensys

DeFi Beyond the Hype — by Wharton
Crypto Theses for 2022 — Messari

BITCOIN FIRST — Fidelity Digital Assets

Opportunities in the metaverse — by JP Morgan

How Professional Investors Perceive Crypto in 2022 and Beyond — by Nickel Digital

Institutional Digital Assets: Powering the Hedge Fund Crypto Surge — by HedgeWeek

Understanding Cryptocurrency — Wells Fargo

DeFi and Web3 for Organizations — by ConsenSys

Global Money Dispatch — by Credit Suisse

Cryptocurrency Regulations by Country — Thomson Reuters

Cryptos on the Rise 2022 — Thomson Reuters

Digital assets achieve escape velocity – What now? — by Nickel Digital Asset Management

What to Expect from Ethereum's Merge Upgrade — by Galaxy Digital

Insitutionalisation of crypto-assets and DeFi-TradFi interconnectedness — report by OECD-OCDE

Smart contracts could improve efficiency and transparency in financial transactions — S&P Global

International Regulation of Crypto-asset Activities — Financial Stability Board

Grasping De(centralized) Fi(nance) Through the Lens of Economic Theory — Bank of Canada

CBDC MANIFESTO — Digital Euro Association, CBDC Think Tank

Relevance of on-chain asset tokenization in 'crypto winter' — by the Boston Consulting Group

Regulating the Crypto Ecosystem (The Case of Stablecoins and Arrangements) — by the Boston Consulting Group

Central Bank Digital Currency: Financial Inclusion vs. Disintermediation — Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Cryptocurrency Regulation Summary — by Nasdaq

The Crypto Story - by Matt Levine, Bloomberg Opinion

Institutional DeFi The Next Generation of Finance? - by JPMorgan Onix, DBS, OliverWyman, and SBI

Crypto Boot Camp 2022 Glossary — by Baker McKenzie

Digital Asset Custody Guide — by Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)

Web3: Marketing buzz or tech revolution? — Cointelegraph Research

Metaverse: business opportunities and legal challenges — by DLA PIPER IPT TEAM

Top Blockchain Use Cases For Enterprises — by Rejolut

Web3: Beyond the Hype — McKinsey & Company

Relevance of on-chain asset tokenisation in 'crypto winter' - by BCG
2023 Crypto Market Outlook - by Coinbase

Tokenization - The Foundation of Digital Financial Markets
— by Fireblocks

Cryptoassets: Beyond the Hype — by CFA Institute

Project DAMA. Simplifying digital fund management and investment servicing — by CFA Institute

Updating and improving the UK regime for asset management — by Financial Conduct Authority

Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Markets in Crypto assets, and amending Directive — by European Commission

Real World Assets: The Bridge Between TradFi and DeFi — by Binance

Tokenization: The Foundation of Digital Financial Markets — by Fireblocks

PwC Global Crypto Regulation Report 2023 — by PWC

The digital pound — by Bank of England

Summary of EU's Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) — by Mayer Brown

Framework for "Investment Contract" Analysis of Digital Assets — by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Crypto Exchanges: Why are we here again? — By Nickel Digital

How Professional Investors Perceive Crypto in 2023 and Beyond — by Nickel Digital

DEPOSIT TOKENS | A foundation for stable digital money — By JPMorgan's Onyx and Oliver Wyman

Bitcoin – Pathway to the USD 100,000 level — by Standard Chartered

European Crypto Regulation: A Summary of Law by Country – by CMS UK

Impact of Distributed Ledger Technology — by BCN

Crypto assets: Beyond the Hype — by CFA Institute

Industry Guide: Digital Asset Trading —by AIMA

The Next Bitcoin Halving - by Fidelity Digital Assets

The Future Monetary System - by BIS

5th Annual Global Crypto Fund Report - by PwC

Global Regulatory Framework for Crypto-Asset Activities - by FSB

Unlocking the Power of Securities Tokenisation by UK Finance
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